Why choose us

When choosing a contractor to help you in building your dream home, constructing your business location, or remodeling your existing home, there are a plethora of different qualities to consider as you weigh the pros and cons. To make the process easier for you, we reached out to our previous customers, our tenants, and members of the community and asked them what qualities of our operation lead them to want to do business with us:


We take our work seriously at ARMAAN HOMES, and when you choose to do business with us you should expect nothing less than that every member of our organization be the epitome of professionalism.

Knockdown and Rebuild

Armaan Home we have full experience team which can help you if you like knockdown and Build new home, it takes worry out of selling you property and moving in new neighbourhood.
While a knockdown rebuild project will involve demolition and rebuild costs, these are likely to be a lot less than the costs of buying a new home and relocating, or even renovating your current home.

When you build a new Home on a block you already own you can enjoy following:
  • You can avoid paying stamp duty
  • Your home maintenance costs will likely drop
  • Because you’ll be building a brand new, energy-efficient, modern home
  • There’s a good chance the overall value of your property will increase
  • Using the latest in building innovations, which means a 6-star energy rating and smart technology to make life easier.

Structural Warrenty

Your home will be built to the exceptional standard we strive for in all Armaan Homes, and with a 12-month warranty period on construction and a 25-year structural guarantee, you can be sure that your home will stand the test of time.

Fix Price Package

Armaan Homes offer fixed-price turnkey home includes everything you need to move in or rent out your property straight away. This mean that nce you been handed keys for you newly built home, you can move in your new house without worrying ab anything.

This will include:
  • Driveway
  • landscaping
  • Fencing
  • Front and back gates
  • Kitchen Appliances Installed
  • Letter Box and Cloth Line installed

Custom Home Designs

At Armaan Homes we work with our Customers to Design Homes to Suit their Specific Needs. All the specification and Upgrades can be customised as per you needs. Our clients enjoy premium standard inclusions across our ranges, as well as a huge range of customisation options.


Customer service is one of the things many people appreciate about their time with us. You can contact us at any time, and we will address your question or request in the timeliest manner possible. When we work on your project, we keep that timeliness in mind, and after the work is done we have a Property Maintenance and Service Division dedicated to taking care of our customers for as long as they want. Long story short, we don’t disappear once the project is completed; all of our work is guaranteed and you can easily get ahold of us with any request you may have.

Quality of Work

Between the specialization of our subcontractors, the dedication of our in-house designers and carpenters, and the scrutiny of our finish team, you can be sure that when you embark on a project with ARMAAN HOMES the quality of the outcome will be the best that the industry can provide. Not satisfied? Again, all of our work is guaranteed, and we aren’t happy until you are.


Efficiency means three things at ARMAAN HOMES. First, we are the industry leader in the efficient production of custom homes in terms of time, as while anyone can mass-produce one design no one can beat our delivery time when it comes to highly customized, high-quality homes and buildings. Second, we are the most efficient cost wise, from weighing comparative value up front to minimizing waste during the construction project, ensuring that we can complete your project at the best possible value to you. Third, we pride ourselves on having the most energy-efficient homes and buildings available both in terms of heating and cooling, featuring the most modern technology and most effective design strategies, so that you continue to save money and maintain a low ecological footprint for the life of the structure.

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